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Envision Fund Fall 2021

July 2, 2021

Request for Applications Fall 2021

The Envision Fund of Catonsville Presbyterian Church is a grant fund established after a generous bequest from the estate of a long-time CPC member and trustee Robert Riley. The mission of the Envision Fund is to extend the church’s mission and ministry beyond the day-to-day life of the congregation. The Envision Fund awards grants for Development, Service in Community, and Social Justice Advocacy. Projects may serve the Catonsville Presbyterian Church (internal), Local, National, and/or International communities.

The Envision Board is pleased to announce a second round of funding for calendar year 2021, with an application deadline of Wednesday, September 1, 2021. External applicants must have
a church-based sponsor, and internal applicants must follow a submission process with Committees of the church. Applications, Proposal Criteria, Sponsorship Forms and contact information may be found at For any questions and/or to be connected to a Committee who may provide appropriate sponsorship, please contact