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The Envision Fund

The Envision Fund of Catonsville Presbyterian Church awards monetary grants every year to incubate new and innovative initiatives that extend beyond the church’s annual programs and budget. The fund was initiated in 2015 by a generous bequest from long-time member and trustee Robert Riley. By carefully investing the monies, the Envision Fund board distributes the annual growth of the fund.

What Kind of Projects Will Be Funded?

Grants are awarded as seed money for new projects or programs, not for day-to-day operating expenses. Proposals must fall under at least one of these categories:

  • Ministry Development: To identify new or expanded ministry areas for a congregation or congregations
  • Service: Local, national, or international humanitarian activities
  • Social Justice Advocacy: Work for social change to remove obstacles for all people

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Who is Eligible to Apply?

The application process is open to everyone. CPC church members, church committees, and church staff may apply directly to the Envision Fund. Outside, non-profit organizations and individuals may submit an application after partnering with a Catonsville Presbyterian Church sponsor.

A CPC sponsor should be familiar enough with the individual(s) or organization to establish their credibility. Usually, this means the sponsor is actively involved in the organization in some way and knows its members. The CPC sponsor should also be familiar with and in support of the project that is being proposed and be able to serve as liaison to the Envision Board throughout the application process. For example, the sponsor may work out details to transfer funds to an awardee or obtain progress and summary reports for the board.

How Do I Apply?

  • Read the CPC Envision Proposal Evaluation Criteria (PDF).
  • Internal applications must be sponsored by a CPC committee or board. These groups typically meet monthly but may meet less often so allow extra time for this step. Information on committees and boards can be found here: Serving Our Church — Catonsville Presbyterian Church. Call the church office for additional details on specific contacts for committees and boards.
  • Internal applications are also subject to approval by the Session. The Session meets monthly, so consider these time lags before formally proceeding with submitting an application.
  • Download an application and fill it out.
  • The CPC Sponsor must fill out a questionnaire for applications submitted by external groups
  • Submit completed application forms to envision_fund@catonsvillepres.org by March 1, 2023.
  • The Envision Fund Board will contact you to let you know the final status of your application.


For questions about the Envision Fund and the application process please contact envision_fund@catonsvillepres.org.

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