Children hold palms as they line up to parade through the sanctuary on Palm Sunday
A group of youth singing in choir rehearsal

Children & Youth Ministry

Children and youth are part of the family of God, and everyone plays a role in the care, nurture, growth, and wholeness of kids at Catonsville Presbyterian Church. Ministry with children and youth isn’t an afterthought of our life together – it’s woven throughout our worship, service, education, and faith formation. Every week, we hear a children’s message before the sermon. Every week, we provide worship resources in the sanctuary that promote diverse, expansive images of who God is and what our world can be. There’s something for all of us when we minister with children and youth.

This ministry with children and youth is most clearly visible on Second Sundays, when we place this work at the heart of the day. On Second Sundays, children and youth have intentional, structured times to form connections with one another and enjoy the grace, celebration, and wide welcome of God.

Associate Pastor Dorothy Boulton is particularly interested in serving children, youth, and families at Catonsville Presbyterian Church, and you’re invited to reach out with any questions.