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Envision Fund Board Announces 2017 Grants

May 1, 2017

Each year, the Envision Board awards grants from the Envision Fund to serve as seed money for projects that will enrich the ministry and life of the church. These projects serve a wide variety of people, from the congregation here at CPC to the local, national, and international communities. We evaluate proposals for funding in the categories of Development, Mission, Peace and Justice Advocacy, and Capital Improvements.

This year we had $115,000 available to distribute, and received 12 applications requesting a total of over $450,000. Of those, we were able to award full funding to the following 9 projects for a total of $110,432:

CPC Handbell Choir iPads

Development, $8,057

These devices, along with a software package and Bluetooth accessories, will assist the choir as they rehearse and perform their lovely music. This project was submitted by Greg Knauf on behalf of the Christian Education Committee.

CPC Communications Consultant

Development, $22,500

This project will fund a part-time church Communications Consultant for two years. The consultant will work with us to develop new ways to engage with the community through our website, newsletter, social media pages, videos, and podcasts. This project was submitted by Rob Burriesci and Ken Kovacs on behalf of the Outreach Committee.

Hôpital Sainte Croix Women and Children’s Clinic

Mission, $21,700

This hospital, located in Léogâne, Haiti, sustained major damage during the 2010 earthquake. Our funds will allow for the completion of renovations to the facilities used for labor and delivery in addition to well-child visits. This project was submitted by George Courtney of the Medical Benevolence Foundation, and sponsored by Vickie Lord of CPC.

CEA Giving a Voice to Those In Need

Mission, $2,425

These funds will purchase a table-top display and canopy tent for use at local community events, giving CEA greater visibility and a more professional appearance to its neighbors. This project was submitted by Megan Rigos of Catonsville Emergency Assistance, and sponsored by Peggy Carr of CPC.

Soraga Orphanage

Mission, $19,850

We are funding the construction of a new building to house 25 orphans for the Soraga Orphanage in Gboko, Nigeria. The orphanage does not currently have its own facilities and must share space with the local primary school. This is the first building of what is envisioned to be a larger campus by the orphanage’s founder, Mrs. Sarah Mayange. This project was submitted by the Soraga Orphanage and sponsored by Vickie Lord of CPC.

Covenant Conference Keynote Speaker

Peace & Justice, $5,000

The Covenant Network of Presbyterians has broadened its mission to encompass all those who’ve been historically excluded from the life of the church, including LGBTQ people, people of color, and others. Our funds will help secure a high-profile speaker at this November’s national conference in Baltimore to reflect this expanded mission. This project was submitted by the Rev. Brian Ellison of the Covenant Network, and sponsored by Ken Kovacs of CPC.

Connecting Grace

Peace & Justice, $5,000

Connecting Grace is an initiative of the Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary that provides in-person training programs to congregations where families have been affected by mass incarceration. The training aims to develop a support network and promote a culture of healing, reconciliation, and restoration. This project was submitted by Rev. Paul Timothy Roberts, Sr. of the Johnson C. Smith Seminary, and was sponsored by Ken Kovacs of CPC.

CPC Education Wing Access for Limited Mobility

Capital Improvement, $14,500

A lift will be installed in the main-floor hallway to overcome the 3 steps leading from the sanctuary to the Education Wing. This will enable members and guests with limited mobility to access the choir room, Child Care Center offices, and 2 classrooms. This project was submitted by Joel Hutton and John Dittman on behalf of the Trustees.

CPC Computer Network Upgrade

Capital Improvement, $11,800

The new network will greatly improve the reliability, ease of use, and security of our church’s aging network; improve wireless internet access for members, staff, and visitors; and allow for new forms of outreach. This project was submitted by Keith Glennan, and has been approved by the Trustees.

The Envision Board is truly excited to see God’s will at work through so many wonderful projects, and thanks all those who submitted proposals for their time and effort.