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Thank You CE Volunteers

June 2, 2020

Although we had an early closure to our onsite Christian Education and Youth Ministries, we neverthe- less want to give a full on thank you to all of our faithful and loving volunteers who show God’s care to our CPC families, helping all to know and follow Jesus Christ.

Please join me in expressing our deep appreciation to:

Church School Teachers

Donna Dittman and Cathy Lutz (ages 4–Second grade); Sara Burriesci, Connie Renner, Jodie and Me- lissa Virago, Anne Colantoni and Jane Kennedy (Third–Fifth grades); Debbie and Mark Davis (Middle School); Rob Burriesci and Susan Jaeger (High School).

Youth Leaders

Jenny Hutton and Laurie White

Christian Education Committee

Debby Shumaker (chair), Sara Burriesci, Mark Kennedy, Sharon Oaks, Laura Parkhurst, Barbara Rice, Jodie Virago and Melissa Virago.

Music/Choir Leaders

Doug Heist and Greg Knauf

Sunday Morning Child Care Volunteers

Sarah Chame Martinez, Jennifer Coker, Erin Flis, Will Gunderson, Betsy Hall, Vickie Lord, Cecilie Nilsen, Cole Peercy and Rhys Peercy.

We are also grateful for the incredible outpouring of support and creativity from so many in our church community who gave of their time and talents in a multitude of Christian formation ministries through- out the year. What a joy it has been, what a joy it is, to serve and love God together.