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Scout Sunday

February 12, 2021

Scout Sunday on February 14 is an annual event that celebrates the long history of Scouting programs at CPC.  Our Troop is now ready to begin its 109th year of Scouting (May 11) and has been chartered by CPC since its founding in 1911 by Rev. John Nesbitt, who was the first Scoutmaster. This was the first Troop in the whole area, even though the charter lapsed for one year while Rev. Nesbitt was serving as a chaplin in Europe during WWI.  Richard Kiefer was the first Eagle Scout and was a dedicated leader and volunteer in all levels of the Scouting programs.  Cub Pack 306 and Scout Troop 306 are most appreciative of the support and sponsorship provided by CPC.  During a “more normal year”, both groups would be more actively involved in this special day.  Milan Unkle, Senior Patrol Leader, will present the “Minute for Scouting” during the service.

During 2020 and Covid-19 challenges, both groups completed a successful year and made use of technology to complete Scout programs.  Five Eagle projects were completed (several had been approved and started before the Covid restrictions).

Congratulations to: Eric Loewner: “Suit Up for Helping Up Mission”.  Eric collected men’s suits and business attire at CPC & Salem Lutheran. He collected, sorted & donated 520 usable items.  Cash donations were used for dry cleaning and the purchase of new socks & underwear for the men at the Mission.  Andrew Swan built an area for prayer and worship for the combined churches of Holy Apostles and St. Stephen, which included a bench, landscaping, and a butterfly garden. Matthew Ronnenburg completed a low maintenance flower garden at the corner of Beechwood and Frederick Rd. planting 80 native plants and grasses in coordination with the Trustees.  Jack Callahan conducted a six week online education series about the U.S. flag, then collected and properly retired 390 collected flags.  He worked with the Catonsville Chamber of Commerce and Dewey Loman to complete his project. Ryan Allen built a campsite for community use on the grounds of Samaritan Women’s Institute, which included landscaping the site for three camp pads, a firepit, and built a picnic table.

Thanks to the leaders for all the time they give for program planning, for outdoor activities, and for providing a Scouting program.  CPC is one of only 3 Catonsville Churches which sponsor Scouting programs. Cub Scout leaders include:  Thomas Cherry (Cubmaster), Melissa Cherry (Cub Committee Chair), Eric Silva (Asst. Cubmaster), Aaron Ziva (Advancement Chair) and the Den leaders, Assistant Den Leaders, & parents who have provided an active (virtual) program.  On February 27 the annual Pinewood Derby will be streamed live to all the families from Fellowship Hall.  Troop leaders include Jeff Scharf (Scoutmaster), Cynthia Jones (Committee Chair), Liz Medina (Advancement Chair),  Dayne Loewner, Phil Unkle, Kevin Dingle, and all of the many volunteers within the Troop.  On February 25, there will be a virtual “Court of Honor” to celebrate individual Scout achievements.

Submitted by Glenda K. Johnson
Chartered Organization Representative