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Santi School Thank You Note

January 22, 2020

Letter Excerpts from President of Santi School in Nepal

“Thank you for your recent donation of $3,000 to The Santi School Project. I am deeply grateful for the continued support over the years by the Mission Committee, as well as from the Envision Fund and the dozens of individual members of Catonsville Presbyterian Church who have been so generous since our very beginning.

The first official Santi School fundraiser was back in June 2007, when two Nepali friends and I spoke to more than 30 church members at a gathering in the France Room after the Sunday service. At the time, we were raising $20,000 to build our first school. So much has happened since then, of course, including a devastating earthquake that still affects daily life in many communities in Nepal. I mention our first fundraiser because it reminds me not just about the relationship between Santi School and Catonsville Presbyterian, but how Santi School helps keep me connected to the church.

Over the past few years we have turned our focus exclusively to training teachers, emphasizing read- ing aloud to children, which is not typical in Nepal. We are particularly excited about launching our own children’s book publishing arm in 2020.”

Thank you again for your support.


Christopher Heun

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