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Face Mask Project

October 5, 2020

The Mission Committee is pleased to announce that the Face Mask project is now completed. Our final total of 700 face masks were packed in ribbon-tied bundles of 25 before being packed into three large boxes. Mission committee members worked together to coordinate this new project. Your active involve- ment and support was greatly appreciated.

Vicky Whetstone, our Lutheran World Relief (LWR) contact person, met Rev. Kovacs and me in the small parking lot of CPC. An international shipment of quilts/blankets, personal care kits and face masks was packed at the New Windsor LWR-IMA World Health warehouse late September. This major shipment is now intended for Haiti, which is in great need of supplies immediately. Another large shipment will go to Beirut, as we were previously told…but OUR masks are part of the first shipment.

Thank you to CPC members Mary Blanchard, Peggy Carr, Tara Ebersole, Kristine Holmes, Susan Hutton, and Vicky Lord for their dedication and commitment in preparing so many masks for this project. Thanks to Dorothy Wright, a friend of CPC for her donations of face masks, a large bag of toiletries for CEA, and three large containers of hand sanitizer which was delivered to the SW Shelter. Thanks also to various donors from the community for the masks collected on Saturday mornings at the Knights of Columbus.