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Catonsville Can New Collection Time

September 11, 2020

Collection Times

You can drop off your donations on Fridays from 4-6 pm at Catonsville Presbyterian Church near the Frederick Road entrance. Or drop off donations on Saturday mornings 8–10 am at Knights of Columbus at 1010 Frederick Road. The combined collections have been averaging more than 500 pound each week with a high two weeks ago of more than 840 pounds. It has been quite a treat to have a lot of donations. Weekly collections will continue at least until the end of September. Please keep the donations coming. Please donate if you “can” and help spread the word.


Two volunteers are also needed on Saturdays at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Visit Sign Up Genius Page to volunteer. Tricia and Bob have been able to manage things with some help from a couple of the Deacons, but if anyone wants to help, or just stop by for a social distance chat, please bring a lawn chair and stop by.