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Connect with us Beyond Sunday

January 22, 2020

One of the ways we can effectively accomplish connecting with people, and communicate the news, is through social media. Follow us today if you’re on Twitter @catonsvillepres or Facebook @catonsvillepresb.

Our Catonsville Presbyterian’s Facebook page, has existed since 2014 and accumulated more than 860 followers. Many of the page’s followers are you—members and active friends—but many other followers have never actually stepped inside the church but they are interested in the Catonsville Presbyterian community.

Our public Facebook page is a great way to externally spread the word about Catonsville Presbyterian among social networks. It is a place where we share news and you can learn about upcoming events, programs and latest updates at the church.

We also have a Facebookgroup,, which is intended only for members and friends of the church. It is a closed group, which means you must request to join, and it has more than 205 members that share inspirational stories, notes, and photographs each day. If you haven’t done so already, visit our social media pages, request to join and stay connected, beyond Sunday.

In addition, we offer a weekly e-newsletter that gives you the Sunday worship service preview, latest announcements, and upcoming events at our church.