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Being Human

February 27, 2020

Growing in Grace

On Sunday mornings in Lent we will take up the short, but thought-provoking book Being Human: Minds, Bodies, Persons (Eerdmans, 2018), by Rowan Williams, former archbishop of Canterbury and one of the leading theologians of our age.

  • What is consciousness?
  • Is the mind a machine? 
  • What makes each of us a person? 

How do our bodies relate to our minds? These might not sound like Lenten themes, but they are directly related to how we consider Jesus’ humanity and the meaning of his life, death, and resurrection. In this deeply engaging exploration of what it means to be human, Rowan Williams addresses these frequently–asked questions with lucid meditations that draw from findings in neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, and literature. Books available for sale on March 1. Cost: $10. Led by Ken Kovacs.

Adult Education OpportunitiesJoin us on Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. in the library. Childcare is provided.