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February 15, 2023

The Nomination Process

As Presbyterians, each of us has a responsibility to participate in the process of nominating and electing officers. You’re invited to suggest individuals or self-nominate for consideration in these roles.

The Session

Three nominees are needed for the Session. Those who serve on the Session are ordained and installed as ruling elders and tasked with the responsibilities of governing the church. This includes serving on committees, overseeing the administration of the church, collaborating with our pastors, and guiding our church as it lives out its mission.

Childcare Council

Three nominees are needed for the Childcare Council. The Childcare Council oversees the Family Child Care Center (FCCC) by ensuring the quality of programming, attending to personnel matters, and overseeing the mission of our congregation through the FCCC. The council is served especially well by those with expertise in finances, insurance, payroll, personnel, or early childhood education.

Nominating Committee

Members of the Nominating Committee put forward a slate of nominees annually and when unexpected vacancies occur.

How to Suggest a Nomination

You should inform an individual prior to sharing their name with the Nominating Committee.

Complete the form included in your bulletin, or send names directly to to be forwarded to the committee. Please indicate the office for which you suggest nominating the individual.

Please note that the Nominating Committee will consider all names, but does not necessarily nominate all submissions. Each officer is elected for a three-year term, beginning this spring.