Children gardening along path
Yellow wildflowers bloom in sunbeams
People laughing while gardening
Purple wildflowers against mossy log

Creation and Earth Care

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Caring for the natural world is part of our joy and calling as people of faith. Its lessons are expansive and easy to understand, teaching us how to plant ourselves deep in the soil of God’s love and how to cultivate a way of life that is full of symbiosis and peace.


At the very beginning of Scripture, we come face-to-face with a vision of harmony, equity, and abundant life: the Garden of Eden, overflowing with every good gift of God. At the very end of Scripture, we are confronted with another irresistible image: a new heaven and a new earth, oriented around God’s overflowing love, a tree of life, and a stream encircling all things with nourishing water. We are called to labor with God in growing these images of abundant life.


Catonsville Presbyterian Church is certified as an Earth Care Congregation in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Read more about Earth Care Congregations.

Our invitation

The woodlands and our grounds aren’t a tool to evangelize or proselytize. They’re a gift for all of us to enjoy, and an invitation for each of us to grow closer together and work for a shared purpose. There’s no single right way to accept the gift of the woodlands and the small sliver of the natural world for which we tend. Whether it is for spiritual renewal, a moment of quiet respite, or a way to connect with neighbors and share a few laughs, we’re all invited.

Get involved

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