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Terms of Facilities Use


Catonsville Presbyterian Church reserves the right to deny or cancel any Application or Facility Use Agreement (“Agreement”) for any reasonable cause or violation of this Policy. Every attempt will be made to give the applicant adequate notice of Application denial or Agreement cancellation.

If a schedule conflict occurs, priority is given to committees and programs of the church, including the CPC Family Child Care Center. On such occasion, the User Group will be assigned to another space/room(s) or will need to cancel/postpone the function if a suitable space/room is not available. CPC will refund any rental fees paid by the User Group if the function must be cancelled.

Approval of the use of the CPC grounds and facilities does not constitute or imply endorsement of a User Group, their mission, or their positions. User Groups approved to use the facilities must not advertise the event in such a way as to imply endorsement by the congregation. No activity or advocacy may take place within our buildings or grounds that conflict with the bylaws and the practices of this congregation and the denomination.

User Group may rearrange tables and/or chairs within a space/room(s). Prior approval from the Session is required to move property in the sanctuary.

All User Groups using the CPC facilities are expected to leave the space/room(s) or pavilion reasonably clean and restored to its original condition upon leaving. This includes returning furniture to its original placement. Users must remove all items associated with their program immediately following the event. Extraordinary cleaning expenses and any cost of repairs for damage incurred shall be the responsibility of the User Group.

The User Group must use the space/room(s) or pavilion assigned to it at the appointed time. Do not switch rooms or transfer furniture among rooms. The facilities may only be used for the purposes stated on the Application and for the dates and times stated on the Application. Any changes must be approved by Session at least (2) weeks in advance of the facility use date.

The noise level of the User Group must be considerate of all other groups in the church and on all church property. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and could result in the revocation of the User Group’s Agreement to use the facilities.

Thermostat temperature settings are to be untouched. If the AC or the heat is on, windows are to be closed. If there are problems, the Sexton should be informed. All mechanical or electrical problems, regardless of type, are to be reported immediately to the church office or to the Sexton.

The applicant must be present at all times during facility use. That individual is responsible for the supervision and control of the User Group while using the facility.

The maximum length that may be granted for space/room(s) use is one year. The User Group must submit a new application annually to request approval for the continued use of space/room(s).

Rules of Conduct

The following rules must be observed. Specific rules may be added.

  • Tobacco products are prohibited on church property.
  • Alcohol, drugs, and weapons are prohibited on church property.
  • All trash must be disposed in the garbage receptacles provided.
  • No harassment or bullying
  • No inappropriate or indecent conduct, language, or clothing
  • No parking in unauthorized areas
  • No defacing of church property (indoors or outdoors)
  • No conduct that may jeopardize the safety of others
  • No use of charcoal or gas grills in the pavilion. Grills may be used in the parking lot next to the church garage.
  • Apart from service animals, pets are not permitted in the church building or in the playground. Pets in outdoor areas must be on a leash. Owner is responsible for cleaning up after their pet(s).

Food and Drink

User Group acknowledges that food and drink are not permitted in the sanctuary and France Room. Use of the kitchen requires the presence of a Certified Kitchen Manager licensed by Baltimore County. If food and drink are offered in other parts of the rented space/room(s), the User Group is responsible for bringing all utensils, pots, coffee makers, foods, ingredients, table coverings, cups, dishes, towels, etc. that are used.

User Group may employ a caterer to provide food and drink services with the use of the kitchen, on the condition that a Certified Kitchen Manager is present.

When serving is completed, the User Group or caterer is responsible for the total cleanup of the kitchen and/or space/room(s), removing all leftovers and leaving the tables, chairs, and floor clean. Recyclable items may be placed in the special containers in the kitchen that are appropriately labeled as recyclable collection. Leftover liquids of all kinds (lemonade, coffee, etc.) are to be dumped in the sink in the kitchen.


No decorating is permitted in the hallways. Any kind of tape used on walls or woodwork within a room must have prior approval. All such decorations must be removed immediately and completely following the event. Any outdoor signs must be approved by the Session. Other means of advertising in the church (bulletin inserts, announcements, posters, etc.) must be approved by an appropriate church committee.

Use of the Sanctuary

Church property shall not be moved without prior permission by the Session of CPC. This includes the communion table or the baptismal font. Any property moved will be returned to its original position at the conclusion of the activity.

The balcony is not open or available to User Groups.

Group-provided sound, recording, or video equipment may not be attached to the sanctuary’s sound system through cables or connectors without prior approval of the Session.

The sanctuary is equipped with 12 theatrical lights that are controlled by a console located in the balcony. If User Group wishes to use the enhanced lighting, approval must be granted by the Session. Only a trained technician from CPC may operate the light system. Additional fees will apply.


Arrangements for floral decorations are to be made with the florist of choice. Simplicity is suggested, with a minimum of decorations. No more than two floral arrangements shall be in the chancel. A single floral display may be used. Ribbon or simple floral arrangements may be used to mark pews. Sprays may be put on candelabras.

Masking tape may be used if needed, but no nails, thumbtacks, wire, or cellophane tape are to be placed on the furnishings.

Start and End Times

Church Building

The church building is available for meetings, events, and rentals, Monday – Friday, after the CPC Family Child Care Center has closed at 6:00 PM. The building must be vacated by 10:00 PM. On Saturdays, the building is available 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.


The pavilion is available, Monday – Friday, from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM. On Saturdays, the building is available 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM.

Political Activities

No property, facilities, or equipment belonging to the church shall be used by any person or organization for partisan political activities. Solicitation for distribution of politically related handbills or advertisements on church grounds is not permitted.

Supervision of Children and Youth

Youth under the age of 18 must be accompanied by adult supervisors at all times. The use of skateboards, rollerblades, skates, scooters, and bicycles in the church building and on church grounds is prohibited.


CPC offers two parking lots for members and guests to use. The large parking lot is located on the south side of the church adjacent to the playground and can be accessed by Frederick Road. The small parking lot is located to the east of the church and can also be accessed by Frederick Road.

Security and Safety

CPC works to maintain a safe and secure environment of the facility; however, it is the responsibility of the User Group to safeguard their personal property and valuables. The church is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property.

Electronic Fobs

The church building and office are secured by a key fob access control system. User Groups that are approved for facility use or rental requests will be issued a key fob to access the church building, and in the case of the pavilion, access to the church office for bathroom use. All User Groups are responsible for safeguarding the key fob and returning it to the church office. Additional fees will apply if a key fob is lost or unreturned.