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Facilities Policies

Updated March 2022


We welcome you with open minds and hearts. We welcome everyone, and we wish to share the resources we have to further God’s transforming love in the world and in the community around us, extending hospitality to all. We are pleased to invite church members, community organizations, and outside groups to use the property of Catonsville Presbyterian Church (CPC) in accordance with our Facility Use Policy (“Policy”). Priority is given to committees and programs of the church, including the Catonsville Presbyterian Church Family Child Care Center, which take precedence if a schedule conflict occurs. It is expected that all organizations and persons (“User Group”) utilizing the facilities at CPC will treat the property and furnishings in a respectful manner and execute good stewardship and care.

Facility use requests must be made by application and will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to committees and programs of CPC. At the time of application, the expressed purpose and intent for the facility use must be made known. The Session of CPC, the governing body of the church, will review and approve both one-time use requests and recurring requests for space.

The Buildings & Grounds Committee of CPC will assist the Session to address and resolve any issues that may arise during the User Group’s occupation of designated space(s). The committee will annually review the User Groups’ compliance with the terms and conditions associated with the then in-effect, long-term facility use agreements. Repeated non-compliance with the Terms of Facility Use as stated in the Policy may result in discontinuing and/or non-renewal of the covenant. Renewal of an agreement is not automatic and after issuance of a final warning, may be terminated by the Session if circumstances warrant.



Rooms may be reserved by church members and community organizations for meetings and events. Church members are not typically charged a fee unless the event is related to a wedding. Requests for rooms should be made at least (2) weeks in advance and no earlier than 3 months in advance of the event.


The outdoor pavilion may be reserved up to 4 months to two (2) weeks in advance. The pavilion is available year-round.

Application Process

Room and pavilion reservations may be made through the CPC website under Events & News where the Policy and Facility Use Application (“Application”) can be downloaded and/or completed online at

A facility use request is a multi-form package and requires the submission of several forms:

  • Application
  • Indemnity, Hold Harmless, and Insurance Agreement
  • Facility Use Agreement (due within 5 business days of application approval)

Completed forms may be submitted:

  • via the online application on the website
  • via email to
  • via mail to the attention of the Clerk of Session at Catonsville Presbyterian Church, 1400 Frederick Road, Catonsville, MD 21228.

The Clerk of the Session will confirm receipt of the application via email within 3 business days. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis by the Session at their monthly meetings, at which time a decision will be made to approve or deny the request. The Clerk of the Session will communicate the decision via email.

Upon application approval, the church will send a Facility Use Agreement to the User Group representative to sign and return within 5 business days of approval notification. At this time, if your organization has liability insurance, please send a Certificate of Insurance naming Catonsville Presbyterian Church as an additional insured. Failure to provide a signed agreement by the deadline may result in the revocation of a facility use request approval.

Rental Policies

  • Tables and chairs are provided up to the number that are available in each room.
  • Food or drink is not permitted in the sanctuary or France Room.
  • Chairs are not permitted in the Gym.
  • The sanctuary is equipped with 12 theatrical lights that are controlled by a console located in the balcony. Only a trained technician from CPC may operate the light system. If this light feature is requested by the User Group, and a resource is available, a fee of $100 per event will be assessed. Prior approval from the Session is required.
  • Rooms are rented in one-hour increments, half day (4 hours), and full day (8 hours) usage. The room use period must also include sufficient time for set-up and clean-up activities.
    The Session reserves the right to review fees with each application.


The maintenance of church facilities is almost exclusively funded by the annual giving of its members. As such, the Session of CPC believes that certain outside groups should pay a reasonable fee to help defray the costs related to maintenance, utility, restroom, and custodial services. A rental fee schedule can be found under the Room and Pavilion Rental Information section of this Policy.

Based on the application certain events may require a security deposit, which will be returned after an assessment of the space/room(s) has been conducted.

Church-sponsored groups, support groups, mission partners, and church members are exempt from paying fees for their meetings at CPC.

Rental Fee Schedule

Effective May 1, 2022

Email for rental fee schedule

*Additional fees may apply


To hold a reservation, payment must be received within 14 calendar days of the email approval notification and no later than 7 calendar days before the reservation date. A credit card payment may be submitted with the online application, or a check may be mailed or delivered in person to the church office. If payment is made by check, note the group name and reservation date(s) on the check. Once payment is made, an email confirmation to include the date and time of the facility reservation will be sent to the applicant.

A full refund of fees will be given if a written cancellation is received 14 calendar days in advance of the rental date. Cancellations may be emailed to

Electronic Fob Access

The church building and office are secured by a key fob access control system. The security and safety of the church building and the people who use it is based upon the collective obligation of User Groups to secure and manage key fobs. CPC takes this responsibility seriously and will assess fees for User Groups that lose key fobs. A schedule of key fob fees is found under the Room and Pavilion Rental Information section of this Policy. The repeated failure of User Groups to safeguard key fobs may result in the revocation of a Facility Use Agreement.

The following fees will apply if a key fob is lost or unreturned to the church office:

  • First occurrence: $25
  • Second occurrence: $30
  • Third and additional occurrences: $40 each


Large functions

Certain large functions or events (receptions, community meetings) will require a monetary security/cleaning deposit paid in cash or check at the time the function or event is scheduled. This deposit will be used to defray the cost of any damages incurred and any special or additional cleaning that might be required. This deposit shall be returned, less any expenses, as soon as practical after the function or event. Any expense for damage or cleaning incurred that surpasses the amount of the deposit is the responsibility of the User Group.


The staff of Catonsville Presbyterian Church welcomes the opportunity to share with you in the planning of your marriage service. You can find a Wedding Brochure on the church website at To request a date and time for the rehearsal and the wedding, as well as to discuss fees and numerous other aspects of your wedding, you will need to meet with a member of the Wedding Committee. Please contact to schedule an appointment.