Columbarium & Sacred Garden

Catonsville Presbyterian Church has received zoning approval and is moving forward in building our Columbarium and creating its surrounding Sacred Space Garden. Both will be located across from the handicap ramp along Beechwood Ave. The Columbarium will provide 80 double niches for the cremated remains of CPC members and their extended family. The Sacred Space Garden will be in front of the Columbarium. This area will feature landscaping, benches, and ambient lighting creating a peaceful space for contemplation and remembering.

Sacred Space Garden Paver Order Form

Columbarium Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Engraved Pavers

The congregation is invited to participate in creating this Sacred Space Garden by purchasing engraved pavers. You may purchase a paver honoring living loved ones or remembering those who are no longer with us. You may also purchase a paver to lift up an appropriate text which could feature a Bible verse, poem, or quotation. If you have any questions about whether your text is within the guidelines, please feel free to contact us. Pavers cost $125 each.

The pavers are 8-by-8-inch gray concrete that can be engraved with up to 6 lines of writing (20 characters per line counting spaces). The actual writing on the pavers should reflect the grace and dignity of the Sacred Space Garden. Paver text will be reviewed and approved prior to engraving.

Paver orders for the Sacred Space Garden are welcomed, encouraged, and added periodically as needed. At that time, it will necessitate removing plain pavers and inserting the new ones. If you need additional help or have questions regarding ordering the pavers or paver layout contact and a committee member will answer your questions.

Sacred Space Garden Paver Order Form

Columbarium Frequently Asked Questions

Christian Burial and Tradition

From the earliest Christian times, there has been a tradition of burying the dead within the confines of church buildings and grounds. The word “columbarium” is derived from the Latin word “columba” meaning dove. The “dovecote,” or nesting area, is made up of many niches where doves make their nests. For Christians, the imagery of the dove is a witness to the Holy Spirit, “the Lord and giver of life,” who sustains us not only in this life but in life eternal, and is the giver of comfort and peace.

Our Columbarium is intended to meet the needs of those who desire to a place of inurnment for themselves on the grounds of Catonsville Presbyterian Church. This is in keeping with Christian tradition of burials in crypts below church sanctuaries, beneath floor stones in the naves, and on adjoining church grounds which would become church cemeteries.

The Columbarium

Thank You to All Involved

Trustees under the expert guidance of Ron Gunderson, Bob Adams, and Joel Hutton will oversee the construction of the project. Ron has been busy designing the gardens surrounding this new space to complement the existing church gardens. A huge thank you to Greg Mayes for his role in designing the materials needed for the zoning process. Without his help we would not be where we are today. Questions and comments can be directed to any of the committee members: Debbie Anderson, Bob Shumaker, Ron Gunderson, David Hutton, Amy Oaks, Jeanne Mueller.