Interior view of the sanctuary of Catonsville Presbyterian Church, showing white pews, red carpet, and ornate chancel.

Weddings & Facilities Use


Catonsville Presbyterian Church welcomes the opportunity to share in the planning of a marriage service. We ask that you contact the church office at least six months in advance to schedule a wedding date. To help you prepare, we have a complete set of guidelines for weddings at our church, including music, decorations, photographers, applicable fees, and more.

Facilities Use

We are happy to make our facilities available for use by church members, non-profit organizations, and other outside groups, in accordance with our policies. Priority is given to committees and groups of the church and the Catonsville Presbyterian Church Family Child Care Center, which take precedence when a schedule conflict occurs. If you are interested in using our facility, you must fill out an application that the Session will review and act on at its monthly meeting.