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Moment for Stewardship: Ron Gunderson

November 16, 2023

During this fall season where we reflect on stewardship, Ron Gunderson shares about his own experiences with giving.

Join us on Commitment Sunday, November 19, as we dedicate pledges and give thanks the gifts of this community. If you feel led to make a pledge, use the online pledge form.

My parents were life-long Methodists and going to church on Sunday was just what we did. Some of my earliest memories are of my time in Sunday school, sitting in a circle on the floor, enjoying time with friends, singing songs and learning bible stories.

As I grew older and more aware, I saw that my parents were also very involved in the church on days other than Sunday. Participating in committees and helping with fellowship times. And I was always provided with a small, usually pastel colored, envelope to put in the offering plate. Often a nickel or quarter, but always something from my allowance or earnings.

My parents were also very involved in the community. Various clubs and civic groups. Great modeling for me as I grew older.

My Mother, who gifted her love for gardening to me when I was very young, said to me as I was leaving home, and many times after:

Ronnie, you need to bloom where you are planted.

I am grateful that God has provided me with the opportunities to do just that! In different places and in different ways.

As a young person I enjoyed youth fellowship, an opportunity for both friendship and service. As I grew older, moved to new communities, I followed my parent’s example and sought opportunities for service and involvement in various churches: Non-denominational chapels in the Army; Methodist Churches, where I enjoyed serving on Administrative Committees and community projects; and, in several Presbyterian churches, serving on Session, Trustees, and Committees. All rewarding and enriching.

When Cindy and I moved to Ellicott City 12 years ago, looking for ways to set down roots in this community, our first efforts were to find a new church home. We found a great one at Catonsville Presbyterian.

God provides opportunities for each of us to bloom. Right here. Right in this place!