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Senior High Mission Trip

March 3, 2020

Our ninth through twelfth graders will be traveling to Philadelphia, June 28-July 3, with “A Common Youth Initiative,” a collaboration of Broad Street Ministry (Presbyterian Church U.S.A. organization), and The Common Place. During this week we’ll Immerse Ourselves in Justice, diving deep into evils of racism, poverty, and mass incarceration. Engaging in service work throughout the city, having daily dialogue at work sites, small discussion groups and worship, participants will “develop a rich theological, social, and academic understanding of justice while recognizing ways in which Holy Scripture calls for justice and love for all.”

To participate please see Dorothy Boulton, or the youth bulletin board, for a registration form. A check made out to Catonsville Presbyterian Churchfor $150, noting “Youth Mission Trip” in the memo should be turned in. Registration began in February. We’ll participate in some fundraising activities in the next few months to keep the cost below $300. Scholarships will be made available so that no youth will be prevented from attending due to lack of funds. Sign up soon—we’re excited to get started. For more details, go to www.broadstreetministry.org, radical hospitality, community engagement, a common youth initiative.