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June 3, 2019

Our Summer Sermon Series

Sundays in July and August

We are a storied people. Everyone has one. Where would be without it? Sometimes we are free, even eager, to tell our story; sometimes we’re reluctant to share—often for good reasons. Children, as well as adults, love a good story. Some of us are even gifted storytellers. And everyone is situated in a larger story or narrative— the story of our family, community, faith, nation. And, of course, there’s the ever-unfolding story of God’s creation, love, and redemption of the world which we are living out.

Sundays in July and August, the scripture text and sermon will explore one aspect of our storied lives in Christ. And each week a member of our community will tell a story from his/her life, sharing a formative moment or defining experience that continues to shape who they are. This is an invitation for us to honor our stories, honor the stories of our neighbors, these sacred stories that narrate our lives.

“Tell me your story, your pain, your suffering, your cry, your needs. Tell me about your childhood, tell me what you maybe remember. Tell me. Tell me your dreams. Tell me your hope.” —Jean Vanier (1928- 2019), Roman Catholic philosopher, humanist, and Founder of L’Arche