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Nominating Church Officers

October 30, 2020

The Nominating Committee wants to hear from you! We invite you to serve the church in a new way. Contact the Nominating Committee, if you or someone you have met would be a terrific elder, deacon, trustee, child care council member, or envision fund board member.

Ruling Elders are responsible for leadership, care of resources, education, oversight, external relationships, caring for others, and accountability. Deacons’ activities include visits and assistance to homebound and special-needs members and non-members, intercessory prayers, special donation drives, and other ministries as needed. The Trustees manage the running and upkeep of the building and grounds of the church. The Child Care Council provides oversight for the Family Child Care Center, and serves as a liaison between the center and the congregation. The Envision Fund Board awards and administers grants from the Envision Fund. Contact Jenny Hutton at with nominations.