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Lenten Resources 2019

March 15, 2019

We are in the season of Lent, a significant time in the life of the church. Beginning on March 6 (Ash Wednesday), Lent continues for 40 days plus Sundays. It can be a meaningful time for
reflection and prayer, as well as taking on a discipline that can help focus our lives in Christ and Christ’s life in us.

We’ve shared some resources in the March Messenger and are providing additional resources in the Life in the Community section of the worship bulletin each week.

Here are some more for you to explore:

1. Less Plastic for Lent. A few copies of this daily calendar are available in the tall bookrack at the back of the sanctuary. If you’d like to print one online, go to

2. If you’d like a more visual and kinesthetic option, go to the-journey-through-lent-on-a-calendar. You can download a design, as well as a suggested method to use this
technique, that will “create an emerging tapestry of your spiritual journey.”