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Envision Fund Updates

November 30, 2022

Each year, the Envision Grants Board awards grants to serve as seed money for projects that will enrich the ministry and life of the church. The mission of Envision Grants is to extend the church’s mission and ministry beyond the day-to-day life of the congregation, and does so by awarding grants for Development, Service in Community, and Social Justice Advocacy. These projects serve a wide variety of people, from within the congregation here at Catonsville Presbyterian Church (CPC) and to local, national, and international communities.


The Envision Grants Board would like to announce the upcoming 2023 grant opportunity. The Spring 2023 grant cycle deadline is set for Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Projects may serve the Catonsville Presbyterian Church (CPC) (internal), Local, National, and/or International communities and must meet one of the categories of Development, Service in Community, and Social Justice Advocacy. The total amount available for grant funding has not yet been announced.

As a reminder, external applicants must have a church-based sponsor, and internal applicants must work with an applicable committee of the church that best aligns with the project. Applications, proposal criteria, sponsorship forms and contact information may be found on the Envision Grants page. For any questions and/or to be connected to a committee who may provide appropriate sponsorship, please contact EnvisionGrants@catonsvillepres.org.


This fall, the Envision Grants Board received a grant report from Living in Recovery’s Smiling in Recovery’s program. Smiling in Recovery was funded with a $10,000 grant by the Envision Grants Board in fall 2021 to provide persons who were recovering from alcoholism and/or substance use disorders with dental implants and other services. The program reported they provided dental reconstruction to two persons and one with urgent dental care and established an urgent dental care fund for other residents in the program. The program also assists incoming residents with enrolling in dental insurance through the MD Health Exchange and others with researching insurance options.

The Envision Grants Board is grateful to God for the life and witness of Robert Riley, whose generous bequest to CPC was used to establish Envision Grants, as well as the support of Session (especially the Finance Committee), the congregation, and our church office staff who make these awards possible.