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Creation Care in Spring

May 21, 2020

Even with the restrictions in place the Creation Care Team has had a busy spring! We continue to plant native shade ground covers, which makes the woodlands visually beautiful and provides ground habitat. In addition, the spreading golden groundsel, a flowering plant in the daisy family, is looking particularly lovely this season. This year we started a new project with the Childcare Center to make the play area safer as well as provide easier transit to and from Hillcrest Elementary School. The work included removal of the overgrown, non-native hedges, followed by a new sidewalk of permeable pavement. The play area was aerated and reseeded. Moving forward we plan to plant a linear garden and new oak trees as soon as the garden nursery is delivering again.

The Woodlands, Labyrinth Garden, and New Bench

■ The woodlands restorations project, entering the fourth year, is doing well. Still lots of weeding out this season of spring invasive but the flowers and trees are coming back and will eventually rule this wonderful space.

■ The plants in the new labyrinth garden are coming back wonderfully. We have added a new sign, as well as informational brochures on meditation. Wonderful place for quiet time.

■ We have placed a fourth bench along the chipped wood pathways into and through the wood- lands and meadow. The pathways now extend all the way to Summit from the Child Care play area. Come and take a stroll along the new path!

If you are interested in helping with planning, gardening, or just enjoying the church’s beautiful outdoor spaces with us, contact Ron Gunderson at