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Columbarium Spring Paver Order

February 15, 2022

Catonsville Presbyterian Church has completed the Columbarium and its surrounding Sacred Space Garden. As spring approaches, we look forward to the landscaping planted last fall around the Sacred Space Garden coming to life. Benches and perennials will soon be added. Some pavers have been added to the garden and others are on the way.

As you may remember, engraved pavers can be ordered and added to the garden to honor or remember a loved one. You may also purchase a paver to lift up an appropriate text (e.g., Bible verse, poem, or quotation). If you have any questions about whether your text is within the guidelines, please feel free to contact us. Pavers cost $125 each. The committee plans to put in another order this spring. Deadline for the spring order is March 31, 2022. Costs for shipping are greatly reduced when pavers are ordered in groups of five.

The pavers are 8-by-8-inch gray concrete that can be engraved with up to 6 lines of writing (20 characters per line counting spaces). The actual writing on the pavers should reflect the grace and dignity of the Sacred Space Garden. Paver text will be reviewed and approved prior to engraving. Stop by the garden to see how meaningful a paver can be in remembering and honoring those we love. Ordering a paver can be done easily by using the Columbarium & Sacred Garden or visiting the webpage at to learn more.

For questions, email: