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Black Lives Matter

June 25, 2020

On June 24, 2020, members from Catonsville Presbyterian Church supported (while social distancing) the Catonsville Youth for the Black Lives Matter Protest at Catonsville High School. The speeches and poems shared from Catonsville students were outstanding—bold, prophetic words.

The protest was aimed at amplifying the voices of black students at CHS and pushing for reform so that schools in Maryland can become a more welcoming and inclusive environment.

The church is called to engage in the heavy and difficult work of removing the yoke of injustice. The yoke that continues to oppress black and brown and white bodies is the sin of racism—and unless we confess the sin of racism deep within us and in the church and in the streets and in this nation, it will be a long time before God’s light shines on us.

View the “Break Every Yoke” Sermon