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First & Franklin Presbyterian Church Is Awarded a 2024 Envision Grant

May 19, 2024

The Envision Board is happy to announce that First & Franklin Presbyterian Church has been awarded a one-time grant of $11,750 to provide clean water in Taguasco, Cuba.

The Presbyterian church in Taguasco is an open and affirming congregation and wants to provide safe and clean drinking water for the congregation and the community. First & Franklin Presbyterian Church has partnered with Taguasco for years and wishes to bring clean water to the church and neighbors.

Through this grant, the Presbyterian church in Taguasco, Cuba, and their neighbors will receive access to a basic necessity: clean, safe water. The grant will provide seed money for the system equipment (pumps, filters, tumbing, tanks, etc.), a five day workshop at the PC(USA) Living Waters for the World (LWW), and LWW covenant fees. Volunteers from Baltimore Presbytery and other churches will install the system equipment.

Envision Grants are awarded every year to incubate new and innovative initiatives that extend beyond the church’s annual programs and budget. Grants are awarded as seed money for new projects or programs, not for day-to-day operating expenses. Proposals must fall under at least one of these categories:

  • Ministry Development: To identify new or expanded ministry areas for a congregation or congregations
  • Service: Local, national, or international humanitarian activities
  • Social Justice Advocacy: Work for social change to remove obstacles for all people

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