Camera beside bulletin

Uploading Photos

Church Members and Friends

Church members and friends can upload images with the button below. If you are on a mobile device, you can choose to upload from your camera roll.

Upload now


Mobile Devices (iPhones and Android phones)

  1. Open the link
  2. Tap the three-dot icon at the top next to “All Documents”
  3. Select Upload > Files
  4. Select Camera Roll.

Computers and tablets

  1. Open the link
  2. Click Upload > Files
  3. Select the images from your computer’s file system

Why do we do it this way?

By following these steps, your photos will be added directly into the church’s photo library. Furthermore, it ensures that your photo is sent at the highest resolution without it being shrunk, distorted, or compressed. And even better, this allows you to upload videos, too.

There’s no perfect solution, so we’re using the best one available at the moment. Your contributions will help preserve our history and life together, capturing what it means to be the church at this particular point in time.

Staff and Employees

Church staff can access the entire photo library by signing in with their church account. It is linked on the communications hub.