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Committee Hubs

What are committee hubs?

Committee hubs are a single place for files, announcements, links, notes, and everything related to a committee or ministry. There are a lot of reasons that they are important, but one is especially important: committee hubs keep our ministry decent and in order.

Take a few small steps

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! The same is true for committee hubs. You don’t have to be an expert on everything or be able to navigate everything flawlessly. If you start to feel overwhelmed, that’s a sign it’s time to send the office an email to get some hands-on help.

Step 1: Watch the orientation video

This seven-minute video will walk through the basics of committee hubs, like signing in, uploading files, and understanding hubs work with the broader church. If you prefer reading a printed copy, a transcript is available.

Microsoft invitation to join a committee hub

Step 2: Keep an eye on your inbox

If you have not already joined a committee hub, you will receive an invitation from Microsoft to join. You don’t need to create an account, but you do need to accept the invitation by clicking the “accept” button. This message is regularly sent to spam, so please check your junk and spam folders.

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Step 3: Start exploring

Church staff or the committee chair will send you a link to your hub. Follow the instructions in the orientation video to access the web page, and you can start exploring!