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Naming Conventions

Mary E. Magdalene
Initials should include a period

Rev. John Calvin, Ph.D.
Spell doctoral degrees instead of using “Dr.”

Deacon Joseph Arimathea,
Ruling Elder Pete Za
When necessary, use “Ruling Elder,” “Deacon,” and “Stated Clerk,” in referring to ordained or installed individuals. The title should be capitalized.



Bulletin items in the order of worship should use title case, e.g., Prayer of Confession

Follow SBL guidelines on theological and biblical words and phrases.

Liturgical text

For responsive or liturgical text that is printed, using indentation and space to group sentences. Do not alter capitalization. Responsive text should be in bold. For example:

In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God.

He was in the beginning with God.

This formatting is not feasible on our website at the moment.


When referring to a hymn, include the number symbol (#) and place the hymn title in quotation marks.

Hymn #1, “Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!”


Sermon titles should use title case and be placed in quotation marks.

“I Wrote This at Four A.M.”


Capitalize specific committees, e.g., “Mission Committee”. Do not capitalize general references to committees, e.g., “committees can submit reports…”

Use “chair” when needed, rather than “chairman,” “chairwoman,” or “chairperson.” Use plain language if possible.

Please contact the Mission Committee chair, Mary Magdalene, with questions.

Contact the committee chair.


Times should be written as H:MM, without the leading zero. Minutes should not be omitted when possible, even at the top of an hour.

Abbreviations for a.m. and p.m. should be lowercase with periods. They should never be omitted.

When referring to a period of time, an en-dash should be separated with a space on both sides.

9:00 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.

Capitalization for Common Words or Phrases

  • 192nd Gathering of the Presbytery (specific)
  • Associate Pastor (when used as part of a name)
  • Bible
  • biblical
  • church (when referring to a congregation)
  • Church (when referring to the universal church)
  • congregational meeting
  • deacon
  • Deacon X (when used as part of a name)
  • deacon(s) (when not used as part of a name)
  • the Deacons (when referring to the group collectively)
  • diaconate
  • Fellowship Hall (when referring to CPC)
  • gathering of the presbytery (general)
  • Library (when referring to CPC)
  • minister
  • Minister of Word and Sacrament
  • moderator
  • Moderator X (when used as part of a name)
  • order of worship
  • The pack (or “the cub pack”)
  • Pack 306
  • pastor
  • Pastor (when used as part of a name)
  • presbyter
  • presbytery
  • Presbytery of Baltimore
  • Reverend X (when used as part of a name)
  • ruling elder(s)
  • Ruling Elder X (when used as part of a name)
  • Scout(s)
  • Scout Troop 306
  • scriptural
  • Scripture
  • Scriptures
  • Second Sunday
  • Service for the Lord’s Day
  • the Session
  • stated clerk
  • Stated Clerk (when used as part of a name)
  • The troop or (“the scout troop”)
  • Troop 306